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neighbour harrassing my HMO new tentant by dumping garden rubbish

31 Jul 2021 | 1 comment

Hi Guildy,

my HMO is in London I live abroad I must admit I had some items in front garden to dispose of but it slipped my mind me being abroad,’out of sight out of mind’ i’m about to get items disposed of ASAP now i’m aware of it once again but my disgruntled neighbour has put her garden waste rubbish all over these items and its an awful mess she has dumped this on my property outside my new tenants window and my tenant is quite upset and cant understand why she has done this, she said to my tenant she has done this because my items for disposal does not look nice, its not the first time she has done this, either I believe she is harassing my tenants to rock the boat and get at me. Its also a nuisance as now when somebody comes to remove my items they have to wade through her garden waste to access my items and who is going to clean this mess up, its a childish thing to do and a lot of hassle. Can you advice any suggestions to deal with and resolve this matter, please. Im sure by law or such she is not allowed to do this any feedback appreciated, thank you.


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  1. guildy

    It’s out of our comfort zone being more of a neighbour dispute but, there’s no question that putting the waste on your property is a trespass.

    You could put the waste back in their property.

    Alternatively, if you took away all the waste (including theirs) you could send the neighbour an invoice for the apportioned amount.

    You’ll not get paid but it might send a message and prevent future trespass.

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