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Notice To Quit

14 Jan 2022 | 1 comment


A tenant has declared their intention to leave their flat this Sunday 16th, but has not responded to texts concerning unpaid rent, handing over of keys, and other legal concerns.  We intend to deliver a 24 notice to gain access tonight. I am assuming there will be no response. When we get there and find that it is locked from inside what can we, if anything, do?

If, however, we find she has gone without agreeing on final inventory, etc; how would this affect the deposit?

Many Thanks

Roy Tomlinson


1 Comment

  1. guildy

    Assuming your notice to inspect says you’ll enter with your keys if there’s no one in, then you can.

    If they’ve gone and ideally keys left behind (indicating there’s no intention to return), then, the deposit shouldn’t be affected. Unpaid rent is easiest to claim against because proof is easier, but you will also be conducting the check-out inventory and be able to claim anything not fair wear and tear with relevant evidence (such as invoices making any repairs to damage, for example).

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