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We have now moved to our new websites - [England](https://england.landlordsguild.com) or [Wales](https://wales.landlordsguild.com)
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Landlord Wants Tenant to Leave (England)

One of the joint landlords changes

6 Sep 2017 | 1 comment

Hello Adrian
We have to start a court application (via S21(4)(A)) for a tenancy but one of the joint landlords changed after the tenancy became periodic.

The original tenancy (only one AST used) has landlord A & B but the S21 served has landlord A & C. All landlords have the same surname.

So is this going to cause a problem when submitting the N5B forms and if not which landlords do I put on the forms?
Many thanks.


1 Comment

  1. guildy

    You should put the new names so it matches the section 21.

    Was a section 48 notice served at the time of the change? If not, it may be worth doing so now although in theory, the section 21 could be regarded as enough.

    There may need to be a little explanation note with the court papers just explaining the change in landlords during the tenancy.

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