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Partner not been on tenancy

7 Oct 2017 | 1 comment

Hi I spoke to you 2 days ago re: potential tenant not wanting partner on tenancy. You advised against it… Now she is asking why they is a page in accommodation application stating Names of ALL other ADULT occupiers (including those not named on tenancy agreement) what is this normally used for and would it be the same for these adults what court order would we use to evict them?


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  1. guildy

    These details are absolutely need for two reasons.

    1. for the Immigration Act 2014, its a legal requirement that the landlord checks the identity of all adult occupiers (not tenants but occupiers).
    2. A house is an HMO (house in multiple occupation) if there are more than 2 occupiers who are not all related to one another. Again this is occupiers and not just tenants.

    You therefore need to all of this information to comply with your legal obligations – in particular right to rent obligations.

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