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Past history of a hob: Is a Gas safety valve needed? – if so, why is it not mentioned on the Gas Safety Certificate?

23 Aug 2016 | 1 comment

I’ve just fitted a new gas hob (which I supplied) into my rental property with a gas safety valve (FSD), despite one of the tenants trying to fit her friends ‘nearly new one’ – which did not have this feature.
The tenant (who tried to have installed her hob without an FSD) is now complaining that the original hob which needed replacing, did not have an FSD. In previous Gas Safety inspections this was not mentioned and the hob and property passed.
Is the tenant right with her implication that I (and the Corgi plumber) have been breaking the law?


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  1. guildy

    I’m not an expert on gas installations as I leave that for those in the know. However, a gas safety record is not asking “if I were fitting this today would I do it this way” but instead it’s asking “is the appliance safe to use”.

    Therefore, just because a new appliance has different fittings or done in a different way doesn’t make the old one “unsafe”.

    Assuming when you previously fitted the old hob it was correct at the time, that is normally regarded as “safe” even now.

    Therefore it all sounds good to me from what you describe.

    Just one small point which I’m sure wasn’t intentional on your part but just to check – you must ensure you’re using a gas safe register engineer and not corgi.

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