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Prior Electrical Inspections

22 Feb 2021 | 1 comment

I have an electrical inspection certificate on a rented property that was done in April 2017 with a 5 year shelf life (expiring in April 2022); am i right in thinking the new government rules re electrical inspections means my current certificate is still valid?




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  1. guildy

    The regulations require the electrics to be up to 18th edition standards as a minimum.

    From what’s described, we doubt the report you have will be 18th edition (more likely 16th or 17th edition).

    You should check the report and see which edition it is. If it’s not 18th edition, you will need a new one unless you can show some other way that despite the report, the electrics are up to 18th edition.

    All of that being said, 17th and 18th are fairly similar so it might be that no works are required so just a simple report upgrade needed.

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