Record Keeping and Data Protection (England)


7 Feb 2018 | 2 comments


Can you please advise if we would be allowed to email previous clients asking them to opt in to our marketing for a chance to win a prize, or would this be classed as bribery??



  1. guildy

    This should be fine before the new rules come in on 25 May.

    It’s entirely voluntary (just with an incentive) that you propose.

    Technically, you should have consent to send email marketing even under the current rules but they’re not quite as strict as the GDPR as to how the consent was obtained.

  2. guildy

    Just remember when creating the opt-in consent, you need to ensure they can opt-out just as easily. That way, your compliant with the new rules and can continue to use the data held after 25 May.

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