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removing one of two named tenants

19 Jun 2022 | 1 comment

Hi have a situation a couple is both named on the tenancy but the husband has been abusive to the wife and has left but the council saying he still has the right to live there there is still 3 months left on the agreement what can i do to just have the wife on the agreement and keep her safe


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  1. guildy

    During the fixed term, it requires all parties’ agreement to bring it to an end. If you can get confirmation from the husband that there’s no intention to return, you could do a new tenancy.

    In the meantime, it might be possible for the wife to get an injunction which the council may be able to assist with.

    Once periodic, one tenant can end the entire tenancy by giving notice. Upon expiry, it would then be possible to do the tenancy.

    When things change from 1 December in Wales, we will be recommending periodic contracts from the outset because that is the preference of the new rules. The new rules have specific procedures for removing/withdrawing an individual joint contract-holder without ending the contract.

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