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Rent back for vacating tenant when new tenancy commences before the expiry of notice?

20 Oct 2020 | 1 comment

Hello, tenants have given notice to terminate their tenancy and plan to leave by 24th October. Their rent is paid in advance on 5th of each month.

I have a new tenant lined up who wants to start the tenancy on 28th October as otherwise he will need to pay for storage of his belongings until 5th November.

If the tenants agree and are able to have everything clean and tidy by 28th for him, am I right in thinking they should be refunded the rent paid from 28th October to 4th November as the landlord would effectively be getting 2 lots of rent for the same period.



1 Comment

  1. guildy

    We would entirely agree. In our view, the landlord shouldn’t get double rent and if we personally have someone moving in before the end of a rental period, we would always refund the daily difference.

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