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20 May 2021 | 3 comments

Please can you confirm if the letter below is acceptable to send to our tenants regarding a proposed rent increase.



The rent on the above property has been held since xxxxx and this has been for a period of approx. xx years.  Unfortunately, due to the current economic climate and for reasons beyond our control, we are no longer able to sustain these costs and therefore we need to bring the property in line with current market values. We propose a rent increase from £xxx to £xxx per calender month, commencing on xxxxxx.

We thank you for being a valued tenant and we hope you understand our reasons for implementing this increase. Should you wish to discuss any of the above matters, please do not hesitate to contact us on xxxxxx



Yours sincerely







  1. guildy

    Rent cannot be increased by a simple letter.

    It can be increased by any of the following:

    • making an agreement (e.g. email asking if rent can be increased to x amount and they reply agreeing)
    • in the tenancy (e.g. a term which expressly increases the rent at some amount on some date) or,
    • by way of a section 13 notice (most common if agreement can’t be reached or you’d rather not ask).

    Please see this article for full details which includes a link to the section 13 notice.

  2. Openhouse

    Dear Guildy, if a letter such as the one above was sent to a tenant via email and they confirm the increase. Would it then be good practice to send a formal letter to be signed by the tenant – (signed electronically) to keep as confirmation? Thank you

  3. guildy

    No need.

    If they’ve replied and confirmed then the increase happens “by agreement”.

    Just convert the email to PDF and save it in the tenancy folder and good to go.

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