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Rent increase for tenants who have no written tenancy agreement

28 Mar 2022 | 2 comments

We bought a property from a high street bank in 2018. The flat upstairs has been occupied by a former employee since 1996. The bank had no record of any tenancy agreement ever having been put in place when we completed the purchase. We understood this and accepted it as we wanted the ground floor for our own business. The rent that the tenant pays is about 60% of the going rate. They are good tenants but we would like to know if we can increase the rent as we have made several improvements to the property and would like to do more.



  1. guildy

    Increasing the rent shouldn’t be a problem. Section 13 (one of the mechanisms for increasing the rent) can be used, and there’s no requirement for a written agreement for it to be used.

    Please see here for full details

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