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Rent increase for utilities

15 Apr 2022 | 4 comments

Hi. The rent includes utilities. In November 2021 rent was increased using s13. I need to increase the utilities to reflect the recent price increase. I issued a letter but the job centre asked theĀ  tenant to get a new tenancy. At the moment the tenancy is periodic. Shall i do a new tenancy and repeat it in 6 months time as utilities will go up again



  1. guildy

    Because section 13 was used less than 52 weeks ago, it cannot be used.

    Therefore, your only option is to agree to the increase. This can be done by some formal agreement (over email, for example) or a new tenancy. That might be the better option to satisfy the jobcentre (even though they are wrong and it’s not technically needed).

    If you can guess the rent to cover the further increase in the Autumn, that would save having to do another renewal. Still, otherwise, the only way to increase in Autumn will be by another tenancy, or you can agree at that time by some formal arrangement like an email showing both parties’ agreement to the increase.

    Please see here for information on increasing the rent.

  2. mart05

    Yes. I thought so.

    Does guildy agreement provides for rent and utilities to b specified in the terms
    I have to pay utilities and claim it from each of 3 tenants

  3. guildy

    Yes, if you go to the utility page of Tenancy Builder when creating an agreement, there are numerous options for utilities and how they’re paid.

  4. mart05

    That’s great. Thank you for your help

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