Changing the Rent (England)

Is There A Maximum That Rent Can Be Increased By?

7 Mar 2016 | 1 comment

Is there a maximum percentage of the current rent amount that rent can be increased at any one time?


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  1. guildy

    The first thing to check is the terms of your tenancy. If you have a term that restricts an increase (perhaps by the rate of inflation once per year) then that clause must be followed.

    If however your tenancy is like ours (or maybe you’re using ours) then ours remains silent on the point of rent increases which means you can increase it to anything you like.

    If the rent increase is agreed with the tenant (perhaps via a telephone call agreeing and confirmed in writing for example) then that’s the amount it goes up to.

    Alternatively you can serve a section 13 notice which doesn’t ask the tenant but instead puts the rent up to the amount specified. After service of a section 13 notice, the tenant has a right to appeal but the appeal is only considered if it is significantly above market rent and it is exceptionally rare to see an appeal. Even if appealed, it’s possible for the rent officer to increase the rent further than what you asked for! In any event, you could issue two months possession notice if there was any problem.

    Please see this guidance for more info or don’t hesitate to contact us again with any questions.

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