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Reporting repairs – App or IT help?

4 Aug 2022 | 3 comments

I am a landlord of 82 properties and currently tenants only have my mobile number for reporting repairs – you can imagine this pings away night and day!!  So, I am wondering if other landlords/lettings agents on here have an app or a bolt-on feature on their website tenants use to report repairs?  I would love to hear any recommendation or avoid tips you have please so make my out of work life a little more sane!



  1. guildy

    We have a similar number, and the best we can tell you is how we operate.

    Only about ten people in the whole world have my mobile number!

    We give our tenants our landline number, a VOIP phone (internet-based), so it can go to a regular landline phone, mobile or wherever you want whenever you want.

    Our phones turn off at 6 pm every evening and are off at weekends.

    Our requests generally come through by email, but we also have a contact form on the website, and if in the morning and urgent (e.g. faulty boiler), it’s generally sorted the same day. More minor non-urgent repairs are built up when we do a “bits run” and clear little things that don’t matter every few weeks as needed.

  2. 1476

    You could give a guidance sheet to the tenants explaining your maintenance reporting procedure and what hours to report non-emergency issues by phone and make it clear out of hours call are only for emergencies only and give a few examples of what is classed as an emergency and what isnt.

  3. bondhousing

    we have voip number that rings (emergencies) on all mobiles for emergencies but introduces the call so it can be declined or accepted – u welcome to try it 01522 246 724 and we have a simple form based repair notification system for non emergencies – Our IT guy could set up the forms easily for you as its a copy of ours in effect – any competent it savy person could do it TBH

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