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Section 21

11 Jul 2018 | 2 comments


I have a tenant in arrears. She receives housing benefit, which due to previous arrears, is now paid directly to me by the council.

The housing benefit was suspended back in June. Her rent is £475 ppm and she is currently owing £2050.99 in rent.

I have used the wizard to complete the paperwork to serve a section 8. I have also filled out a notice to the local authority to pay benefit directly to me, detailing the amount outstanding, though I am not sure that this is necessary as I know that her claim is suspended.

There is a slight issue with the bond, which I took advice from you about previously. The original tenancy agreement was signed by the tenant on 21st February 2014. The current tenant’s sister had moved out of the property before a new tenancy agreement was signed by the current tenant. The bond was to be transferred to the current tenant.

I was advised by you to repay the bond to me in full, which the previous tenant agreed to.I then paid it back into DPS in the current tenant’s name, gave her the prescribed information and got her to sign a letter stating that she had not paid a cash bond to me until 12th October 2015. I also gave the current tenant a new Assured Shorthand Tenancy Agreement starting the same date, which I have a signed copy of.

My question is, will this cause a problem for me serving her a Section 21 as well as a Section 8 and would this be the best course of action in this instance?

Sorry it’s a bit long winded. Just wanted to try and make sure you have all the facts.

Many thanks.



  1. guildy

    We think from what you describe that all sounds good.

    The new tenancy with a single name required its deposit to be protected within 30 days and that sounds to have been done from what’s described here.

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