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Section 21

9 Feb 2021 | 1 comment


I have a property let on AST with proviso for re-entry clause. 6 month fixed term commenced 28th January 2021. I would like the tenants to move out as soon as it is possible therefore I will not be renewing this tenancy.

When is the earliest I can serve Section 21 please, knowing it is a minimum period of 6 months?

Thank you


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  1. guildy

    The earliest you can serve is from after 4 months (so 4 months plus a day) from when tenancy started.

    The notice won’t be able to expire before the end of the term (so if a 6 month term, no problem).

    In 4 months time, when notice can be given, the length of notice may have changed from 6 months so keep an eye out for emails from us or the Coronavirus Hub Page as we always update with changes.

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