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We have now moved to our new websites - [England](https://england.landlordsguild.com) or [Wales](https://wales.landlordsguild.com)
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Section 21 expired 13/03 and boiler condemned 29/03

29 Mar 2021 | 2 comments

We have a tenant that was served Sec 21 In Feb 20 but due to Covid we agreed to let that expire and re-issued a new Section 21 which expired on 13/03/21. All of this time the tenant is aware that if she found somewhere to move she could do so immediately.  Landlord is wanted to get out of the rental market and sell the property.  Tenant was offered a 3 bed flat in Feb 20 but is holding out to be rehoused by the council.  Just had the gas safety check and the boiler has been condenmed. Where do we stand as she should not be there anyway. Thank you



  1. guildy

    The boiler must be fixed and she has every right to be there.

    A section 21 does not end a tenancy. It simply allows a landlord to apply to a court after expiry of the notice. Only on a bailiff attending does the tenancy actually end. Until then, it’s a tenancy continuing as normal.

  2. amazonia

    Also, a condemned boiler will not help with selling the property. Get it fixed, keep the tenant safe (priority) and all the paperwork will be in order for selling. Don’t give buyers any excuse to knock the price down etc

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