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Section 21 if additional information is required

7 Feb 2018 | 4 comments

Hi, If I file a Section 21 N5B with the required docs, how does it work IF the court wants to see more documentary evidence of something? If for example they want to see a particular proof of delivery of a document or whatever – would they write to the claimant, call or even reject everything? . . . . or do they usually wait to see if the defendant challenges something on the defense form?

I would just like to understand more about procedure after the N5B case has been filed at the court? Thanks



  1. Jackson

    The property is in England BTW; Not Wales – thanks

  2. guildy

    The tenant will receive a defence form when sent the claim form you have completed.

    If there is anything like what you mention (denial of receiving the notice for example) a hearing may be called where you can present any further evidence. Alternatively, the court may just order possession especially if you’ve already enclosed the proof of postage with the claim form.

  3. Jackson

    Thank you! so is my understanding correct that generally the first thing the Court does is (if the documents mentioned on Page 7 are all there) fill out the court info/claim no/stamp etc on the N5b and then send the defendants their sets to see if they respond?

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