Duty to Provide Name and Address of Landlord (England)

Section 3 notice

19 Jan 2018 | 4 comments

A s3 notice was served for change of landlord, can you tell me a little about this? Will a section 48 need to also be served for possession. ? It’s alao doesn’t mention something about s48 on the s3 notice



  1. guildy

    Not sure what you mean by a section 3 notice? Section 3 of what Act?

  2. eden2011

    Landlord and Tennats aft :1985

  3. guildy

    The section 3 notice is a different Act to section 48. However, there is no prescribed form for the name and address to be provided so it may be suitable. It has been held that the name and address in a section 21 notice can be sufficient for the purposes of s48.

    However, section 3 is notifying about an assignment of the landlords interest whereas section 48 is to specify where notices may be served upon the landlord. We suppose if the section 3 address is also where notices can be served, it should be enough. Also, section 3 can be any address anywhere in the world whereas section 48 is England or Wales.

    In our view, it would probably be best to avoid any argument and simply serve a section 48 notice then the question goes away.

  4. eden2011

    From what I have read it also relates to liability for disrepair which I think the s3 memas that both the previous and current LL / owner or jointly liable

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