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Section 3 notice

18 Mar 2021 | 2 comments

is a s3 notice only applicable if a sale has taken place? The situation is that the previous landlord basically asked their son to become the landlord so would a s3 be required



  1. guildy

    Yes, s.3 required because it sounds like the previous landlord has assigned the tenancy to the son (as opposed to the son acting as an agent only).

    In order for the son to be a “landlord”, he will need some form of right to possession.

    If possession is to be sought, the son might need some paperwork (e.g. land registry documentation or a long enough tenancy with right to sub-let for example).

  2. eden2011

    So if the s3 is done retrospectively (a year after he became LL in this case) does the date of the device of the s3 mean the start of a tenancy ? Or can a s21 be served ?

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