Serving notice on a Limited company on a non housing act t/a

7 Sep 2017 | 3 comments

Tenants are a Ltd company on a non housing act tenancy agreement. It started 27th November 2015 and is now periodic. No issues as such landlord just wants possession. Is the process the same as usual – serve a Section 21?



  1. guildy

    No, notice to quit is needed. You should check the terms of tenancy for any length of notice required (for example sometimes it will say 3 months) but if it remains silent, it will be the same length as a rental period (so if rent monthly, a months notice is needed). The notice expiry should be rounded up to the next day before the rent is due after one month (assuming a months notice).

    E.g. if rent is payable on 20th of every month and notice being served today (7th), the expiry would be 19th October.

    • passmoreproperties

      Thank you. And then is gaining the possession order, times scales the same as a residential let?

      Thank you

  2. guildy

    Yes, once the notice has expired, possession is very similar. Accelerated possession is not available so it’s a similar procedure to the section 8 notice (but online is not available).

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