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Should I have sent a How To Rent guide for tenancy started in 2014?

7 Jan 2022 | 3 comments

I have a tenancy which started in 2014, same tenants have been in the property since then, no new tenancy agreement was signed; as it’s rolled on monthly after the initial 6 months.

I’ve recently had to look very closely at the N5B form for possession. There is a box there to confirm when the HTR guide was issued. As the HTR guide wasn’t around in 2014, should I issue one now? If so, what version? Thank you



  1. guildy

    There was no requirement to issue the document in 2014. The only exception would be if the tenancy went statutory periodic on or after 1 October 2015 (if it went statutory periodic before, it’s not needed).

    If you’ve already served the notice, it’s too late anyway, so no point. If you haven’t served the notice yet, there would be no harm whatsoever in serving the current guide now. At least that way, you would be able to fill that part of the form in.

  2. Openhouse

    Thank you Guildy, I haven’t had a need to serve a notice on these tenants as yet, so really thinking about the future. The tenancy went statutory periodic in April 2015.

    So I’m guessing I do not need to serve one, or whether I should serve a current one and get them to sign to confirm they have received it just to future proof myself?!

  3. guildy

    Yes, there’s definitely no harm in serving the guide now, and we would do so. There’s no need for them to sign anything, though (because it’s not a legal requirement in your case). Just get free of charge proof of postage from the post office.

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