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Supplying a cooker

21 Jul 2022 | 1 comment


Properties are in Wales.

Just wondering what the current position is regarding supplying a cooker with the property?

For the last 10 years we have been supplying cookers (all electric) with all our properties for several reasons (for starters, we can ensure they are wired in professionally by an electrician), but was wondering whether there are any legal obligations both currently and soon under the RHW Act. (I also thought there was a recommendation under the Rent Smart Wales Code of Practice, but can’t find it now.)

Also, if a cooker is supplied, what further obligations does this create for the landlord?

One of the reasons I am asking (apart from just being curious!) is what the position would be if the tenant wanted to supply their own cooker (ours are quite basic).



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  1. guildy

    There’s no legal requirement to supply a cooker.

    We don’t provide any white goods in our properties, including cookers.

    Any electrical item must be safe on supply (i.e. at each letting). As a minimum, a visual inspection is needed at each new letting, and a PAT test is recommended every 2.5 years (that way, the electrician can do it at the same time as the five-yearly mains inspections, then again at 2.5 years).

    Please see here for more information on electrics.

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