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Tenancy builder – guarantors witness

29 Nov 2020 | 1 comment

We are using your tenancy builder for the tenancy agreement and this we hope to use your electronic signing process. We assume the agreement goes to the guarantor then the tenant and then us. If not how does it work? Our question is how is the witness signature and address etc entered? Is it done at the same time as the guarantor signs electronically or is a paper copy of the signed agreement necessary. And can the tenant (daughter of the guarantor) or his wife be the witness?


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  1. guildy

    You’re right, the agreement automatically goes to guarantor first (if one), then each tenant and then finally landlord party.

    The witness is automatically assigned to the guarantor party because it’s impossible to know who the witness might be at the time of sending. The witness will also be assigned to the landlord party when it arrives too.

    Anybody can be the witness (including as you mention) as long as the witness is not a party to the guarantee agreement.

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