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30 Oct 2017 | 1 comment

Setting up a 6 months Tenancy tomorrow. Fixed term is due to end at the end of April. Should the end date be the 29th or 30th of April, 2018?
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  1. guildy

    The end of a fixed term should always be the day before a rent is due. It therefore depends when your rent is payable.

    If the rent is payable on 31st of each month (I.e. due tomorrow and thereafter on the last day of each month) the last day should be 29th April. That way, when the periodic tenancy starts after the term ends, it will start on 30 April which is the same day as the rent is payable.

    To simplify things, you could make the first FULL rent payable on 1 November and thereafter on the first of every month. The tenant would owe you one month plus one days rent tomorrow but in that case, the end date would be 30 April 2018 as that is now the day before the rent is due.

    If you keep the rent as due tomorrow and same every month, don’t worry that not all months have the 31st in them. The corresponding date rule intervenes and sorts that out.

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