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by | 30 Mar 2018

If you have a group of friends renting a whole house and you give them one AST with all their names on the tenancy does it make the property an HMO?


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  1. guildy

    Any letting (whether separate tenancies or a single joint and several) with more than 2 people sharing who are not all related to one another will be an HMO.

    However, not all HMOs require a licence. If the property is 3 or more storeys and there are 5 or more people sharing, a licence will be required whatever its location (from October this year, the storeys won’t matter and if there are 5 or more occupiers, it will need a licence). A licence may be needed with fewer people and storeys if the local authority has designated the specific area as additional or selective licensing (which you should be able to find out from your local authority website).

    Please see this series for more information.

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