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Ending a Tenancy (England) | England | Tenant Moves Out (England)

Tenant has given one month notice but is wondering if he can stay on (on a week by week basis) by agreement…

16 Sep 2020 | 1 comment

We are on very good terms with the tenant and happy for him to stay on for a few weeks if the house purchase circumstances arise, are there any pitfalls I should think about?


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  1. guildy

    Because a notice “from a tenant” brings the tenancy to an end (unlike a landlord notice), if you “agree” to them staying, a new periodic tenancy could be implied.

    You will need to be careful not to agree to the staying but you could hold off commencing court proceedings for possession for a little while. Not sure how long a little while is but at some point, a new tenancy could be implied if nothing done for some time.

    You can send this letter which will buy you a little time and confirms no new tenancy is being granted and any money received will not be rent but instead damages.

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