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Tenant hoarder

1 Jun 2018 | 1 comment

I am a new landlord and I went to inspect my property recently. It’s a 3 bed HMO.
One of the tenant’s room is completely full with his items and it looked dirty. I am worried about the risk of fire. All the tenant are aware they are not to smoke in the house. I have recently been made aware by another tenant that this tenant has mental health issues so I am concerned about how to manage this problem


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  1. guildy

    Not an easy one to answer because on the one hand, the tenant is entitled to ‘quiet enjoyment’ (which is basically to use the property as their home without interference from the landlord) and on the other hand, you’ve got to consider others.

    In the first instance, you could write a short letter asking them to only have items reasonable for the size of the room and to dispose of anything else due to the risk of fire and to health.

    If that doesn’t work and you’re concerned sufficiently that you would rather ask them to leave and get somebody else in, you could then serve a section 21 notice giving them 2 months notice (without reason) to leave.

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