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Tenant improvements

17 Nov 2021 | 1 comment

If a tenant has made significant improvements to a property and added value, even going so far as fitting a new kitchen and building a conservatory, is it the case that upon leaving upon their tenancy ending that they are not entitled to any sum or compensation and will therefore effectively just have lost the money spent? Similarly, although different with any removeable white goods the tenant may have bought, I assume that they couldn’t for example start removing a fitted kitchen with a view to taking that, if feasible.


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  1. guildy

    As long as no promise has been made in respect of any new fittings (e.g. “if you fit a new kitchen you can stay at least 2 years”, but then the landlord seeks possession sooner) then no, there’s no compensation payable. Any consent given to the tenant should make this and any other conditions clear.

    They would in theory be entitled to remove but only if they then put the old kitchen (or whatever) back exactly the same as it was (less fair wear and tear) although in respect of a kitchen, this is highly unlikely as you suggest.

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