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Tenant who is an agricultural worker part time

9 Nov 2022 | 1 comment

I own a cottage on my brother’s farm which is a separate entity/ownership. I have had the same tenant in the property since 1994 who is on an AST.  When he moved into the property he was not a farm worker.  For the past 2 or so years he undertakes very part time on my brother’s farm and I think he is on their payroll, he also has full time work at a feed merchants.

A local estate agent has said I have a potential problem because the tenant is now a farm worker as I didn’t get him to sign a form 9, however I don’t employ him and he doesn’t work on my farm – only my brother’s which is a separate trading entity.

Do I have a problem? I am looking to sell the property but need to get my paperwork in order if anything is wrong.

Thank you


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