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Tenant’s fish tank has leaked onto laminate flooring. Is he 100% liable for repair/replacement?

19 Jan 2022 | 1 comment

Hello, so I had a message that a tenant’s fish (rather large) tank had leaked. He hadn’t asked permission for one but that’s another matter. Anyway, he has contents insurance and they have advised him to get quotes to repair/replace.

Is it down to the tenant to fix this as it was his tank that caused the (accidental) damage, or could the landlord claim on his insurance as flooring isn’t a tenant’s contents? If the tenant ends up having to replace the whole floor, surely betterment would come into the equation?


1 Comment

  1. guildy

    Ordinarily a tenants insurance will cover landlords fixtures and fittings so it might all work out.

    If the tenants insurance doesn’t, it’s possible your insurance could cover so it’s worth checking.

    From what’s described, we believe the tenant should ultimately be responsible (although getting anything from them might be tricky)!

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