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Terminating AST by mutual consent.

25 Apr 2018 | 2 comments

Three students signed AST to commence 1st July. Jointly and equally liable. Two of them want to drop out, the third person has found two others (previously unknown to him, and they seem to have a bit of an “attitude”) to take the place of the two that want to leave. The two other signatories want out. No rent has been paid and no keys handed out. If I invite the three tenants to terminate the contract by email, do I need all three to confirm termination or just one?



  1. guildy

    In this case, it would certainly be best if all three would confirm. However, given that everybody seems to be consenting (even if not in writing) it doesn’t sound like there will be a problem once the new ones have signed up.

    If you didn’t manage to get all of them to agree that they don’t want to proceed in writing, you should at the very least send a letter to them informing them that “as agreed”, the agreement no longer exists and has been cancelled.

  2. Mikemiguel

    Thanks for prompt response.

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