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termination of license to occupy

18 Oct 2021 | 5 comments

Hi there do you have a template for the above?



  1. guildy

    What’s the reason it’s a licence (e.g. lodger living with landlord, garage agreement etc.)?

  2. eden2011

    It’s actually a mobile home with rent payable

  3. guildy

    Okay, the earlier response says rent is payable.

    We don’t have any template but it will just be a simple letter giving “reasonable notice”. We would suggest at least a month or longer to be reasonable.

    It will be worth checking the terms of the agreement to check there is no “money’s worth” for the occupation (e.g. the occupier must keep the mobile home in repair) because that can be regarded as money received in lieu of rent).

    Please see here for a bit of information on rent free accommodation.

    You might be able to modify our lodger notice as a starting point because it’s similar in the sense there’s no prescribed form and just a letter to ask them to leave.

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