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Typo on a notce

14 Dec 2017 | 1 comment

The notice is not s21 or 8 but one months reasonable notce ( we discussed this in a previous tread)

4 occupiers all sent a Seperate Notice each showing the address of the property at the top of it and in the body of the Letter / notice … on One for One occupier the number of the house there is a typo of 16 instead of 6, and only once as the address is in the notce twice…would you think that this would be a problem?


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  1. guildy

    These are always difficult to answer because it all depends on how the court is feeling on the day!

    However, where there is an “obvious” error, it has in the past been accepted as being valid.

    For example, if I served a notice on the 1 December 2017 and asked them to leave on 1 March 2017, that would be an “obvious” error because I clearly meant 2018 and it couldn’t have possibly be anything else. The notice in that case should be valid despite the error.

    What you mention is similar in that it must be “obvious” which house you meant because it was through their door.

    Please see this article which includes other examples of what have been held valid and not including where an address was wrong.

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