Unable to gain entry for Gas Safety Inspection

by | 27 Sep 2017

A tenant is not responding to our letters for an overdue gas safety inspection. He does not have a phone or email. Kindly advise us what action we can take in this matter.


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  1. guildy

    In the first instance, you should write regarding access but this time say if they’re not in, the contractor will use your keys to enter. Don’t ask permission to enter nor seek confirmation.

    We have some templates here.

    Obviously if the tenant then makes contact and says you mustn’t enter, that’s their entitlement but, if they remain silent, you will be able to go in and do it.

    If that fails (for example if they’re in and refuse entry), you will need to show action and serve a section 21, 2 months notice and seek possession. That may get some response and gain you entry otherwise it’s probably better to obtain possession and get somebody more suitable in the property.

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