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Vacation of property

10 Dec 2017 | 3 comments

Hi guildy, tenants have vacated property without leaving a forwarding address.
Is there a way of finding out their new address please



  1. guildy

    If there’s a deposit, by law there should be an address to be used at the end of the tenancy in the prescribed information.

    Also, you could try looking in the application form before they moved in for their next of kin.

    Otherwise, you could search online for a “tracing agent” in your area.

  2. markdunn


    I have a tenant who has several thousand pounds worth of arrears. He has said he is moving out of the property in the next couple of weeks and has given a definitive date. I want him out of the property and then will pursue the arrears so I am happy for him to leave. My concern is if he doesn’t leave. Because he has given a definite date of when he will vacate the property am I within my rights to change the locks the day after even if he has not moved out or he has left possessions in the property?

  3. guildy

    It would be best if you did not change the locks. That would be a criminal offence and an unlawful eviction.

    If the tenant has not left, a court order would be required, although it’s unclear if they have given a valid notice to quit from what’s described. To be correct, it must be in writing and at least a calendar month’s length (assuming the rent is calendar monthly), and it should expire the day before the rent is due (or on the rent day).

    A valid notice is important because a court order can be sought if a tenant gives valid notice but fails to leave. Please see here.


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