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Wasps Nest

15 Aug 2017 | 1 comment

We have a tenant who says she has a wasps nest in her apartment (top floor of a converted house so there is a loft above).
We think that the wasps are just coming in from the outside so we want to agree with the tenant that if we send a pest inspector and he does not find a nest or finds that there is a nest outside the property (next door for instance) that the tenant must cover the call out cost.

If a wasps nest is found within the property then we will deal with this at our cost (even though I believe that a nest that has appeared after the tenant moves in it is the tenants obligation to deal with this?).




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  1. guildy

    Where it’s not the landlords fault, the tenant can be held liable for pests with an appropriate clause in the tenancy agreement (our current tenancy has such a clause).

    Your suggestion seems perfectly reasonable to us.

    Please see this article for more information on pests in a property.

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