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What paperwork am I required to give to a tenant/Legal obligations?

13 Oct 2016 | 2 comments

I have 2 questions, I think I know all this but I would like to be sure so that I don’t keep worrying about it! It is not a HMO.

  1. What paperwork am I required to give to a tenant?

I have provided:
How To Rent
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide test certificate
Legionella guidance
Condensation and mould guidance
Tenancy agreement
Tenancy deposit prescribed information
Recycling information
General information

Also my legal obligations such as having smoke alarms on all floors, carbon monoxide alarm in rooms with a gas appliance, testing them on the day the tenant moves in. A CP12 every year, protecting the deposit with a government approved scheme (currently using TDS).

I can’t really find a definitive list of these things and worry that I’ve not done something I ought to have done.

Thank you.



  1. guildy

    What you have done looks okay to us.

    Have a look at our back to basics page which is a really brief overview of a few core things about rented property including the items in your list.

    • Dollifer

      Thank you Guildy, you’ve been really helpful. Much appreciated.

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