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What should Landlord Consider for one off short term Let

22 Mar 2017 | 2 comments

What issues should a landlord consider when doing a one off Short term Let

The apartment is usually Let on AST.
however both new Tennant and us as landlord have agreed to let the apartment on a short term basis. (its convenient and preferable to us). 1 bedroom apartment
We are 100% happy in terms of the tenant, as the family would pass the checks we would ordinarily do for an AST.
They tenant intends to stay a minimum of 1 month, and then possible extend by a few weeks, and its possible this could roll on for maximum of 3 months
The tenant is from overseas and working in uk. All relevant Visa and Right to Rent checks pass successfully.

Assuming there are no restrictions in the mortgage terms and Lease terms which restrict us from doing a Short Term Let. We feel happy to proceed.

Also we are satisfied that his main residence is abroad.

After this short term let we will be returning to Longer term lets using standard AST. So this is to be a one off arrangement.

But are there any other issues we need to consider as landlords?
Does deposit need to be protected?
Is there a specific type of contract we should use?
Utilities – should we assume responsibility?
Council Tax – On a short term let, is it right that tenant does not hold responsibility for this when its not their primary residence? Do we need to assume responsibility for this?
Other Legal?
other Tax?



  1. guildy

    Where it’s not to be their “only or principal home” it cannot be an AST. From the sound of it they are not here on holiday (which would be a holiday agreement) so you would need a contractual tenancy agreement.

    You can do this for any length so a month fixed term is fine. Our version continues as periodic so if they stay on, it’s not a problem.

    The deposit does not need protecting when it’s not an AST.

    The tenants will be liable for all bills during their occupation just as with an AST (unless you want to voluntarily agree to pay them but there is no need to).

    If they didn’t go when expected and you wanted to ask them to leave, you would need to give a notice to quit which needs to be at least a month (where the rent is monthly) and expire day before rent is due. Then, a court order would be required in a similar way to an AST (but not quite the same as an AST). Have this in mind because it could take a number of months if they didn’t go and you needed the property back for a specific time. Of course, if they just go as planned then this part is not a problem.

    We don’t see how tax would be affected.

  2. iambeard

    thanks thats very straightforward

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