what to do about some of the tennants property being left in the house after his eviction

by | 31 Aug 2016

Tenant has left the property but has left some of his belongings – he has also taken some of my belongings with him. Will have difficulty finding his address because he owes arears and will not want to be found


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  1. guildy

    Please see this article for information. That article also includes a couple of notices that should be served on the ex-tenant. Reasonable notice is required for which 14 days should be sufficient. If there was a deposit, you should have a post tenancy address in the prescribed information (if not, the prescribed information may be incorrect). If you don’t have an address, you will need to make extensive enquiries to try and get an address. Have a look at the application form they completed before moving in and contact the next of kin for example.

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