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When did EPC’s come into force for selling a property in England?

21 Oct 2020 | 1 comment

Dear Guild
We have one property with an EPC that was carried in 2014, that runs out in 2024.  We weren’t aware of it being carried out and didn’t have to pay anything.  We have no agent for that property and deal with the tenant directly, so we’re really not sure who carried out the EPC assessment.  Bit of a mystery.

We have another property managed by a letting agent, and they’ve just told us that the EPC has run out, and that we need to pay £72 to get it renewed.  We bought this property using the sales side of the same agency in Feb 2016.  The sales documents for the property stated that the it had an EPC rating of D.  We assume that means that an assessment would have been carried out and a certificate issued, but when we go on to the EPC section of the  government website, the property isn’t listed!  There are several properties listed in the same street – some with expired EPC’s, and most with current EPC’s.  Should we therefore assume that the property didn’t actually have an EPC when we bought it if it’s not listed on the government website now, and if it didn’t have one, would it have been a legal obligation for the vendor to have provided one when we bought the property in Feb 2016?  Thanks.



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  1. guildy

    The same rules apply to both sales and letting so it’s been a legal requirement since 2008. You should have had one from the seller in 2016.

    If there’s no EPC, we wonder why your agent is saying it needs renewing?

    There isn’t any requirement to “renew” an EPC when it expires. It only next needs doing when it’s next “advertised for sale or letting” so existing tenants don’t need one just because it’s expired.

    However, in this particular case, you will need to get one if there isn’t one at all (because the current tenant should have had one since 2008).

    Please see here for details

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