When a section 8 notice has been served on the ground of two months rent arrears ( ground 8 ) and proceedings commenced, a landlord must prove at the court hearing that the tenant was (a) two months in arrears at the time of service of the notice and (b) that the tenant is two months arrears at the time of the hearing. Different amounts apply where the periods of the rent payable is different to calendar monthly. (see schedule 2 Housing Act 1988)

A problem that this can cause is that the tenant attends the hearing and states that they paid the landlord x amount in cash three days ago which of course is more often than not a lie.

Although this article doesn’t get rid of that argument altogether, it is helpful for a landlord to remind the court of section 9, Civil Evidence Act 1995 which provides that the records of a business (which includes a rent statement) may be given as evidence “without further proof”.

A document shall be taken to form part of the records of a business if there is produced to the court a certificate to that effect signed by an officer of the business [s.9(2)].

A suggested form for this purpose is available here.