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No calendar date required in section 21(4)(a) notice

In the Section 21(4)(a) notice, which is the notice served during a periodic tenancy (after the fixed term has ended), the date of expiry must be "the last day of a period of the tenancy" [section 21(4)(b) Housing Act 1988]. This is one of the most common reasons a notice is found to be invalid, where a landlord puts the wrong date in the ...

How long does Section 21 notice last?

How long a section 21 notice lasts (which has been served in respect of an assured shorthold tenancy) depends on whether the property is in England or Wales and when the original tenancy first commenced. Wales (irrespective of when the tenancy commenced) Section 21 Housing Act 1988 contains no time limit as to when a section 21 notice may be

Service Charge, Administration Charge and Ground Rent Demand Notice

Introduction Freeholders of blocks of flats that are sold on long leases (greater than 21 years) from 1st October 2007 (England) and 30 November 2007 (Wales) are required to provide a summary of rights and obligations in the form of a notice typewritten in at least 10-pt. This prescribed form must accompany any demand for a service or ...

“External parts”, “windows”, “structure”, “drains”, etc.

External parts A covenant to repair the external parts of a demised house comprises the partition wall between it and an adjoining house, even though the wall is not exposed to the elements, because the external parts of premises are defined as those which form the enclosure of them, and beyond which no part of them extends. [Green v Eales ...

When MUST housing benefit paid to landlord?

When payment of Housing Benefit must be made to landlord See in particular this important case (Doncaster v Coventry City Council 2009) Regulation 95 Housing Benefit Regulations 2006 If a tenant is the equivalent of 8 weeks or more in arrears, the local authority must make payment to a landlord. Regulation 95 Housing Benefit Regulations ...

What is the LHA rate for my area?

The rent service have provided a useful site called lha-direct where you can search the local housing allowance rate for any area. I would suggest searching by local authority rather than by postcode as it seems more reliable. Local Housing Allowance Direct

Shared toilet – Single Room Rate or self contained flat rate?

We had an interesting question from one of our members, which this article attempts to answer. Q: Landlord has a flat in a house, however the toilet is separate. The toilet is shared with other occupiers in the same building. Does this mean that the local authority will pay the one bedroomed rate or the single room rate (because the single ...

Legal argument as to paying landlords LHA – 2 months rent in advance

Payment of Housing Benefit to landlords Local Housing Allowance Regulation 95 Housing Benefit Regulations 2006 require a local authority to pay a landlord directly if a tenant is 8 weeks or more in arrears. As a general rule, landlords are no longer able to receive payment except certain circumstances. Can a landlord create a tenancy where

How to find out if a tenant is claiming HB

We all know the problem. If a tenant is in arrears and they are claiming Housing Benefit, the landlord can request payment be made direct. However a landlord does not always know if a tenant is claiming Housing Benefit or not. The local authority will refuse to inform the landlord under the cloak of Data Protection Act. However, there is way ...