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Buy To Let Has A Gloomy Future, Claim Mortgage Lenders

Buy To Let Has A Gloomy Future, Claim Mortgage Lenders

Buy to let has an uncertain future thanks to tax and mortgage changes, according to mortgage professionals. Landlords have come under attack from the Bank of England governor Mark Carney and Chancellor George Osborne, who both fear buy to let is undermining the property market. Osborne is concerned wealthy landlords are outbidding first time

When is landlord liable to pay council tax?

The question of council tax and who is liable can often arise. Many local authorities will attempt to claim the landlord is always liable whatever the situation but what is the position? For this article, it is assumed that your tenancy agreement contains a provision that the tenant is liable to pay for the council tax. Owner always ...
How To Test A Carbon Monoxide Detector

How To Test A Carbon Monoxide Detector

From 1 October 2015, the new Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 will require landlords to install smoke and CO alarms in England Not only must landlords ensure that both smoke and CO alarms are installed but they must be checked and ‘in proper working order on the day the tenancy begins if it is a new tenancy.’ Whilst

Management of HMO Regulations 2006

These regulations create obligations for landlords and occupiers where the property is an HMO (essentially, any property with more than 2 unrelated people sharing or certain converted blocks of flats) HMO with more than 2 unrelated sharers Link to England Regulations The Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations ...

I Was Here First!

ZAMMIT MAEMPEL v. MALTA - 24202/10 ECHR 1964 Article 8 of the Convention of Human Rights protects the individual’s right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence. A home will usually be the place, the physically defined area, where private and family life develops. The individual has a right to respect for ...
Keeping The Right Company As A Property Investor

Keeping The Right Company As A Property Investor

Property investors often view trading as a limited company as a way to save tax – but a special rule bars many from using this useful tool. The confusion comes from incorporation relief, which is designed to delay any capital gains tax due on transferring a trader’s assets into a company until they sell their shares. The relief is aimed at ...

Letting to Companies

Letting to companies Most residential lets are to people, real people who are alive and who physically live in the property. However sometimes lettings are made to a limited company. If this happens there are a number of important differences and a few things to watch out for. continue reading from source

Lead Tenant Agreement

The Deposit Protection Service and MyDeposits tenancy deposit schemes require some form of "lead tenant" agreement. What is a "lead tenant" you may ask? Basically, the schemes don't want to get involved with tittle tattle between joint tenants as to who should receive what portion. Therefore, a lead tenant must be nominated by all tenants and