Our legionella risk assessment template for the iAuditor app has today been updated to version 2.0.

This is free to download for all subscribers to the Guild or active subscribers to the legionella pack product. If your subscription has expired for the legionella pack only, you can renew here.

Recently, iAuditor changed the way reports are exported and this had affected our template.

This has been fixed now and the template also takes advantage of some further iAuditor functionality such as the failed risk reporting and built in to do actions.

The main changes include:

  • fixed PDF export functionality for latest version of iAuditor
  • use built in failed risks reporting
  • use built in actions functionality
  • removed media buttons so built in media functions can be used better
  • changed hints so not showing on report
  • improved adding of risk items such as boilers, cylinders, outlets etc.
  • score functionality better presented
  • other small changes to the template for overall better experience

As before, when installing the template, it must be downloaded onto a mobile device which already has the iAuditor app installed.

Click here to download version 2.0 of the Legionella Risk Assessment Template.