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Types of Tenancies (England)

Company let for employees

16 Jun 2020 | 3 comments

I have been approached by a company who is interested in renting a property for their employees.  Can you advise if this is permitted and what type of tenancy document I would use?  Should I ask for a guarantor as well?  What about a deposit – is that logged with DPS?



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    11/10/2019 3:09 pm

    You would use a contractual tenancy which is available on our tenancy builder: https://www.landlordsguild.com/tenancy-builder-2/

    You can take a guarantor if you wish, it’s something we always recommend but not always something a person (or company) is a able to provide. This is a matter of evaluating the risk of them not paying.

    You can take a deposit if you wish, it doesn’t need protecting as it’s not an assured shorthold tenancy.

    Please see here for a little more information about contractual tenancies: https://www.landlordsguild.com/england-landlord-guide/3-5-contractual-tenancies/


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    14/10/2019 4:53 pm

    Thank you Guildy. Are we responsible for checking the occupants Right to Rent check or would the Company have legal responsibility for that?


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    14/10/2019 7:39 pm
    Edited: just looking again, they’re not actually subletting which I initially thought when glanced at the original question. Therefore, you will need to ensure the occupiers have a right to rent.

    By “written agreement”, you can pass this duty to an agent, and so it might be worth considering making the company your agent for this purpose (or just get the details of the occupiers and ensure they have a right to rent).

    See the statutory guidance for who is liable to a penalty.

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