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Live in carer

15 Oct 2020 | 1 comment

We have a lovley tenant who is now in her 90s and starting to struggle to cope. Her family now want to move a full time carer into the property.

We have no issue with this in principle but how should we treat the tenancy, do we just add permitted ocupant?

Tenacy is in England and a statutory periodic.







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  1. guildy

    Although as a general rule, we prefer names on a tenancy to match occupiers, we believe, with this type of situation, there’s no need to change the tenancy. Instead, you could just give consent to allow a lodger. That seems to be more appropriate for these specific circumstances.

    The carer will then simply be a lodger of the tenant (so not a tenant of yours) and will also likely be a service occupier.

    The obvious problem is if the tenant dies and then the carer refuses to leave but as say, if they’re both a lodger and service occupier this shouldn’t be a problem in obtaining possession.

    Please see here for more info.

    We have a template to allow a temporary guest which can easily be changed for this scenario.

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