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6 Jun 2016 | 1 comment

What is the cost of rent protection


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  1. guildy


    We are just working on getting rent protection put back on the website as we have a new provider.

    It will cost £149.00 + VAT (I need to check whether we should be adding VAT or not so assume we are for now). This will be in addition to the cost of “comprehensive” checks being carried out through us on each tenant at a cost of £30.00 per check.

    The warranty is no excess and for 12 months cover upto £1250.00 rent per month (we can cover more, I just need to check the amount which will be higher).

    The warranty is on the property which means if the tenants left after 6 months, new tenants would have to be satisfactorily checked the same way (our comprehensive checks) but then the warranty can be amended and no new rent protection needs to be taken.

    Look out for emails and the on the website as this will be added hopefully this week. It is in place now so I can do one if you needed even before it goes live. Just contact us if that’s the case.

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