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Signing back keys after court order

5 Sep 2017 | 3 comments

Hello guild , the court has given me possession of my property and has given the tenant the normal 14 days to hand back the keys and it ends Wednesday 6th before I can instruct bailiffs.
The tenant is in arrears but has said the property will be empty by the 10 th and will give the keys back then.
What should I do now concerning the court order , arrears and the wording of the documents when the tenant gives the property back ?



  1. guildy

    The keys are the most important aspect so as long as you get the keys back, there isn’t anything else significantly important to do. You can record the returning of keys by giving a receipt.

    Otherwise, please see this article which deals with the end of a tenancy.

    • 38herbiefenton83

      Thank you for the quick response, with the arrears , which is a big amount and I know I won’t get this but will a ccj go against her name so to warn other landlords if they do a credit check . Do I inform the courts?

  2. guildy

    Ccj’s are shown on credit reports but rather bizarrely a section 8 possession claim (based upon rent arrears) isn’t. It therefore depends how you got judgement for the arrears as to whether it will be shown.

    Also, the next landlord will have to request a credit report in order to see the judgment. Unfortunately many landlords don’t bother. That being said, most agents will do a credit check so they would normally see it.

    If the tenant goes as planned, there shouldn’t be any need to contact the court further.

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