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What do I have to provide for lodgers?

15 Jun 2020 | 3 comments

I looked everywhere on the site but couldn’t find the answer to this question, hope you can help: I’m living in my own house and will have three lodgers who share the kitchen, etc., with me. What am I required to do in terms of gas, electricity certificates, environmental certificates, deposits, fire alarms, etc? Are there any other requirements, such as documents I have to show them about deposit arrangements? If these aren’t required, would you recommend that I do them anyway?

I guess my house will be an HMO as I will have three lodgers, but I guess that I do not need a license as it’s less than 5 total (I’m in Hackney, London).




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    09/09/2019 11:05 pm

    Assuming Hackney doesn’t have an “additional licensing scheme” then you’re right, you will have an HMO but won’t need a licence.

    You will need to provide the lodger a gas safety record before occupation and thereafter within 28 days each year when it’s done.

    You will also need in place (but the lodger doesn’t need to see) a 5 yearly electrical safety.

    The deposit won’t need protecting and the how to rent guide doesn’t need providing. An EPC won’t be needed but if you have one for the whole house anyway, no harm giving a copy at any viewings.

    You will need smoke alarms on every storey as a minimum and CO alarm in any room with a “solid fuel appliance”.

    You can’t charge any tenant fees.

    You will need a lodger agreement which our Tenancy Builder has available.

    Because it’s an HMO, you should check the management regulations. You’re probably already compliant with most but just check everything listed to be sure. For example you must display in a prominent position the contact details of the manager (your details).

    Finally, in respect of fire safety, that depends on the layout, number of storeys etc. so please see the LACORS fire safety guide for more information.


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    09/09/2019 11:13 pm

    Thanks Guildy, that’s very clear and very helpful.

    Sadly I just discovered after some research that Hackney does have an additional licensing scheme requiring all HMOs to register – and charges a whopping 950 pounds for the licence! So that’s really going to encourage me to register… I see no way I can afford that or should have to for my own home.

    Thanks again.



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    10/09/2019 8:23 am

    You could just have two lodgers. It was the third one that triggered it being an HMO.


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